Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put these mp3 files into iTunes and transfer them to my iPhone?

Read instructions here.


I received an email after I purchased a few talks and I can’t find the download links…where are they?

After you complete your purchase. You will receive two emails. Email #1 is your receipt. Email#2 contains the links to download your purchase.  Click the link(s) in Email #2 to download your purchase.

how to download the gathering with roger b

* If you do receive Email #2, log into the your account that you created during the checkout process and access your files.  If you DID NOT create an account during the checkout process email


I purchased the Big Book Study file and it’s taking a long time to download and it looks like a Zipped file…how do I access the talks inside?

This download contains 18 different files and is in a ZIPPED format. You will need Winzip (paid),7Zip (free download) or another file de-compressor in order to access the 18 talks once you purchase the zipped download.

Additional Resources
Here are instructions on unzipping compressed files using Windows


How do I access the menu inside the mobile app to select different talk?

The Gathering with Roger B accessing the menu