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Most Popular: The Gathering With Roger B


Though I’ve listened to many good and great speakers in the years I’ve been in recovery. Few of them ,in their sharing, reach and teach, as many as does Roger B. In his talks he instills hope and possibility as he shares the miracle of recovery through the 12 Steps  The result? You too, begin to recover..have hope for a new beginning.

At Hope Manor we have women who are teetering on the edge of an abyss and we often have a very limited time frame to reach them. Roger’s unique ability to cut through all the delusion with the skill of a surgeon and get to the heart of the matter without wasting precious time has proven time after time to be invaluable in helping these women. Roger is funny, full of wit and energy, but he also shakes you up, keeps you accountable, and holds nothing back in speaking the truth. I know of no other person who lives a life of service or has such a loving heart to the suffering alcoholic to the extent as Roger. We could not do what we do at Hope Manor were it not for him.

The Gathering, with Roger B. is a powerful force for supporting on-going recovery. He presents it in a way that has depth and meaning while adding his own humor and sharing his journey of recovery. Roger is a spiritual seeker, always pursing ideas and then showing us how to apply them through his own examples. My own journey has been greatly enriched by my association with Roger.


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